60 minutes

I figured this blog should at least showcase things I have been preoccupied with recently, and that is exactly what I am going to do from now on. These past few months have been all about improving my illustration skills and finding my voice again. Fashion is still playing a part in my life, but truth be told- this summer we are having does not call for too many clothes.

This illustration was inspired by a recent read of the book “Infinite Jest”, specifically by the part where Mario listens to Madame Psychosis’s radio show.


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This year’s ski vacation took place in the Italian Dolomites. It was very sunny and warm, eliminating some of the discomforts of skiing. Since my first time skiing I have acquired an appropriate ski attire and am now absolutely skiing in style 🙂 It is always fun to see the improvement in techniques and stability from vacation to vacation. Ski- instructor- boyfriend also seemed pretty pleased.

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Enjoy the Ga(y)mes

Sochi EiskunstlaufI love the Olympics, I would enjoy it even more if Russia respected gay and human rights.

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